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Dental Implant Referrals

This section is for dental professionals only.

We welcome your dental implant referrals to our practice. Rest assured we will provide the best care for your patients. We guarantee to return your patient to your ongoing care following completion of the implant treatment. If you would like to complete part of the restorative treatment please let us know in advance. We can arrange for a prosthetic kit to be provided at no cost to your practice by Biohorizons.

We will first attempt to contact your patient by telephone and if this proves unsuccessful we will then write to them. If the patient prefers to be contacted by email please provide their email address.

Make a referral

Please fill in the form below, attach any case radiographs or photos that you may have and click on the ‘Send Referral’ button to forward your referral electronically to us.  Alternatively you can download the referral form and post it to us together with any relevant radiographs.

Click for Printable Referral Form
  • Referring Dentist Details

  • Patient Details

  • Relevant medical history and medication

  • Case History

  • If extraction is required at the implant site and the patient is not in any discomfort, please refer for consultation before tooth removal. This may simplify the implant treatment and reduce treatment time and cost for the patient.